Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Sickle Cell Anemia?

Sickle Cell Anemia is a genetic blood disorder. Normal Red Blood Cells are shaped like flexible donuts, carrying normal hemoglobin and oxygen to body cells and tissues. They can easily pass through blood vessels without sticking or clumping together. AKA, function how God intended! However, Sickled Red Blood Cells are shaped like hard, sticky, crescent moons that clump/stick against the walls in blood vessels to form a vaso occlusive crisis. AKA, painful as HELL! Sickle Cell does not only deal with the physical, but it deals with the mental, the emotions, and the spirit/soul. Sickle Cell Anemia Originated in areas where Malaria were most prevalent. Sickle Cell is not known as mainstream as Cancer or other Blood Diseases, however Cme Apparel wants to change that!

What Ethnicities are affected?

SCD mainly affects people of color: 1) Black/African 2) Hispanic/Latino 3) Mediterranean 4) Indian/Middle Eastern However, there are a portion of people of European and Asian descent that can inherit SCD!

What are the types of Sickle Cell?

Most common: Sickle Cell SS - Most Severe pain and complications. Hemoglobin SS (HbSS) Sickle Cell SC- Moderate to Severe symptoms and pain. Hemoglobin SC (HbSC) Sickle Cell Beta-Thalassemia- Mild to Severe symptoms and pain. (HbSB+) or (HbBeta-zero) Least Common: Sickle Cell SD- Rare can vary w/ symptoms and pain Hemoglobin SD (HbSD) Sickle Cell SE- Rare can vary w/ symptoms and pain Hemoglobin SE (HbSE) Sickle Cell SO- Rare and mild symptoms/pain. Hemoglobin SO (HbSO)

How can I help?

#1 SPREAD AWARENESS -It is really important that more people know about this illness! Sickle Cell Anemia is put on the back burner. The more people are informed, we can come together to fund research & find a cure! #2 BE KIND -It is really hard competing with how fast the real world moves. People with SCD find it hard to live a "normal" life. Between Doctor Apointments, Surgeries , Infections, Pain, PTSD along with everyday trials we face as humans, it means everything to have support from family and friends. Care, Encourage, and Pray for longevity for your friends with SCD. #3 DONATE BLOOD! -Sickle Cell patients require blood transfusions and exchanges in order to live! Yes live! Sickled Red Blood Cells only live a total lifespan of 10-20 days! Not many African Americans/Black people donate enough blood. It is necessary that more Black people donate blood. It affects majority Black people, and when we receive blood from Black people it is a better match for us! Please Donate Blood!

What is the orgin of Sickle Cell?

There are many assumptions on how people began developing Sickle Cell. Sickle Cell can be traced all the way back to the motherland or Africa. In areas where malaria were most prevalent, through natural selection, people's bodies bagan to mutate in order to survive or fight off malaria. Mutated or Sickled Red Blood Cells = the absence of Hemoglobin F and abnormailty of Adult Hemoglobin. The mutation caused people to have Sickle Cell Trait. When two people that have the Sickle Cell Trait or Carrier Gene have children there is a 25% chance of each potential child to develop the full blown disease.